Who We Are?

Every Body Movement Is Dance & We Can Prove That! Get to know more about us.

About Euphoria Studio

"Euphoria" means extreme level of happiness and satisfaction. Here we get it through dance. We believe dancing is one of the purest way to be happy and feel relax.

What Is Dance For Us?

There could be numerous descriptions to answer this question. But can we just say one single word – "MOVEMENT"? Any movement is the dance for us we believe that every "Human Body" is having its own rhythm we just need to acknowledge it and try to have synchrony with your own body rhythm. This understanding makes easier to get closer towards this art. And those who say "They are not a dancer" can also start taking interest by knowing this fact. But many times a big question comes in mind - "Why some people dance so well and some people cannot even catch a single beat? Why this is like that?"

Some people are more aware of their kinesthetic ability they find all the body movements easier because they have that interest to think on their body coordination and they develop it and some are having different interest areas, they are more focus on that particular area, so they don't have that much awareness about their own body movement.

To present ourselves you need to have good vocabulary of your language, here we believe to move on song or to dance, we need to aware of good movement vocabulary of your body, after all your body is also having a language.

What We Truly Believe?

At Euphoria, we believe in giving new aspect towards this beautiful art form.

All the dance batches in euphoria are based on the Creative Movement Therapy techniques, where we enhance the movement vocabulary of every "body" and the quality of your own movement.

We also believe dance is the connection of your body and your mind. Dance itself is a very therapeutic to reduce your stress. There are some more areas where we are facilitating through dance like trust development, relaxation, relation development, increasing self-confidence and self-love.

Here Euphoria welcomes you all to the new world of "Dance".

What We Offer?

Regular Dance Sessions

Do you really like to dance? Do you wanna see how easy it could be to bash the floor with your near and dear ones? Come and join us !!

Kids / Ladies Special

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Creative Movement Therapy

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Individual Therapy Sessions

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Body Awareness Workshops

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Events & Stage Shows

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