Our Working Areas

What Are Our Core Working Areas in Creative Movement Therapy, DMT & Dance

The Creative Movement Techniques

  • In euphoria we believe to give a new aspect towards this beautiful art form.
  • All the dance batches in euphoria are based on the Creative Movement Therapy techniques, where we enhance the movement vocabulary of every "BODY" and the quality of your own movement.
  • We also believe dance is the connection of your body and your mind. Dance itself is a very therapeutic to reduce your stress. There are some more areas where we are facilitating through dance like trust development, relaxation, relation development, increasing self-confidence and self-love.
  • Here Euphoria welcomes you all to the new world of "DANCE".

Core Working Areas @ Euphoria

  • Self Confidence Development and Boosting
  • Self Esteem
  • Anger Management
  • Positive Body Image
  • Increasing Predictability
  • Trust Building and Development
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Body Awareness

DMT Verticals We Cater @ Euphoria

Target Sectors Working Areas Benefits and Advantages
Senior Citizens Body awareness
Body vocabulary
Improving the ability to Stay in presence and body confidence.
Marriage Counselors Relationship and trust development
Improving understanding between each other.
Married Couples (Course Name : YOU and I) Enhancement of overall inter-personal relation
Positive attitude management
Better communication, understanding, trust and confidence between couples.
Ability to listen your inner-sense while handling situation.
Parents and Child (Course Name : CARE IT) Enhancement of Parent-Child relation
Enhancement of overall family bonding
Better communication, understanding, trust and confidence between Parent-Child.
New approach and positive attitude towards family bonding.
Quality enhancement or releasing of unwanted behavior patterns of a child.
Teachers / Trainers Positive Body Image, stress management, n understanding students behavior patterns
Better productivity in work
Corporates Motivation
Stress management
Mental and physical relaxation
Better productivity in work
Performing Arts Institutes Creative body vocabulary
New prospect to creativity
Model Agencies Body confidence, Body image, expression
Better productivity in work
Drama institutes Body vocabulary, Body expression
New prospect to creativity
Management institutes Soft skills development
Better productivity in work